Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deposit? 
Yes, there is a $500, non-refundable deposit to reserve a room and date.

Do members get a price break?
Events hosted by a club member (individual or business) are not subject to a room rental fee or deposit.  Events sponsored by a club member will have only the room rental fee waived.

Does the room rental include set up?
Yes, basic room set up is included.  We will set up the room according to requested floor plan.  If you have rented linens from us or an outside source or have simple centerpieces, we will set them up as well. 

What is included in the room rental?
The room will include any of the following that are needed for the event; tables, chairs, dinnerware, flatware, glassware.  The room rental does not include the use of linens (tablecloths and napkins) We will set up and clean up all items listed, including linens.

Will FHCC staff decorate for us? 
No, we only do basic set up of room.  Any additional decorating is done by the client and must not damage the facility. 

Does the FHCC staff do all the clean up?  Is there an additional charge?
You are responsible for the take down and removal of all decorations and centerpieces within 1 hour of the end of the event.  Failing to remove decorations will result in the loss of all or part of your deposit.

Does FHCC have chair covers? 
Yes, we have 140 white chair covers.  If you choose to rent them from another vendor, we can set them up for you at an additional fee.  See the attached Additional Rental Options Menu for chair specifications as well as set up pricing.

Does FHCC have a tent available for outdoor events?
Yes, we have two tents available, 40x120 and 40x60.  Please see the Additional Rental Options Menu for further information.  You may also rent the driving range and bring in a tent from an outside vendor as long as the tent will not damage the driving range, additional charges apply.

Do you make wedding cakes?
No, however you can bring in wedding cake.  We do offer a wide variety of other dessert options.

Can we bring in our own food or have it catered by another restaurant?
Only wedding cakes and party favors may be brought in from an outside source.   All other food service is provided the restaurant staff at Forest Hills.

Can we take home leftover food?
Yes, but a waiver must be signed.

Can we supply our own alcohol?
No, all bar and beverage services are provided by Forest Hills Country Club.

Do we have to have bartenders?
Yes, all bartenders will be staffed by FHCC licensed bartenders.

Can we take home leftover alcohol?
No, the state does not allow open containers to leave the facility.  This also includes open wine bottles, the state no longer allows wine bottles to be corked for transportation.

Does FHCC allow ice sculptures?
Yes, please contact:
Stephen Koch
Indiana Ice Studio, Clear Sculpture Design